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Holdings in Companies

CompanyCountry% OwnershipActivity Performed
Goldlake IP Spa Italy 50% Refining and trade of ethical gold
Intertuscany SRL Italy 100% Holdings in companies in PNG active
in trade of precious metals
Mali Gold Sarl Mali 99% Trade of precious metals
Cortez Gold Mexico 25% Mining activity
Red Hut Metals Colombia 3% Mining activity


Goldlake IP

The Goldlake Ip project was born from the collaboration with GoldLake Italia, an exploration and mining extraction company, which consists in the refining and trade of gold from mining sources, but which is produced in an “ethical” way, or rather respecting the highest standards of environmental protection, adopting techniques which do not call for the use of toxic substances such as mercury or cyanide, and sustainability, investing in society and in integration with communities of the territories that host us. Therefore a new way of doing business, a new, revolutionary product which manages to unite profit, innovation and respect for individuals and the ecosystem; in other words an “ethical” product which avoids methods which cause pollution and devastating consequences for the environment and local populations.

Ethical Gold


Italpreziosi South Pacific

In Papua New Guinea Italpreziosi South Pacific provides integrated and quality services to the local mining industry through two units:

- Italpreziosi South Pacific LTD – ISPL

- Italpreziosi South Pacific Chemical Division LTD – ISPLCD

ISPL and ISP Chemical Division have built up a good reputation with small and medium mining companies, the banking sector and the majority of alluvial miners in the country. The experience of the Italian management in synergy with qualified local collaborators has allowed an efficient structure to be created which meets the highest quality and technology standards and which has asserted a strong presence in the territory offering a transparent and complete service.

- Italpreziosi South Pacific Ltd – Collection and Trading of Precious Metals

The ISPL, with headquarters in Port Moresby, was constituted in October 2006 and became operative in April 2007, when it received its license to purchase and export Gold from the Central Bank of PNG. Every day ISPL purchases and analyses different types of materials containing precious metals in the form of alluvial material, bars, powders and scraps. From the very first few months of its existence, the Company benefitted from increasing flows of metal, well above expectations and business plan forecasts.

- Isp Chemical Division Ltd – Casting Services, Analysis and Treatment Aimed At Local Operators

ISPLCD is the chemical division of Italpreziosi South Pacific Ltd and provides services which are correlated to trading activities and the local mining industry. The Company has a well-equipped laboratory for the founding and assaying of precious metals and is able to carry out professional analyses on precious metals, both using the cupellation method, according to International Standards, and using tools which allow alloys to be assayed immediately using x-ray technology. The Chemical Division is able to offer high level technical consultancy for analysis of samples of material and more generally regarding chemical treatments linked to precious metals. The exponential growth of the existing mining productions and especially the new exploration projects undertaken in recent years, have created an increasing need for specific avant-guard services for the mining sector. In this context and in the light of requests from the market, the company provides third parties mass spectrometry services through ICP, an analytical technique through which it is possible to analyze various materials such as samples of soil, rock, inert materials and to identify metal and non-metal inorganic substances present in concentrations of parts per billion (PPB). Furthermore ISPL has opened a new division aimed at treating and recovering precious metals from production scraps (slags) produced by the large mining companies in PNG. The company supports the Mineral Resource Authority’s project aimed at educating miners about the risk of using mercury and provides consultancy regarding safety and prevention of risks associated with its use.

In collaboration with the CEAB, a company with over 40 years of experience in the sector of plants for the goldsmith sector, Italpreziosi South Pacific Ltd has developed a device that is able to treat material containing mercury and recover it. The idea for the machine was born from the desire to safeguard the environment and people’s health, by avoiding emissions of gas into the atmosphere using a closed circuit system, and managing to collect the metal in a liquid state without any risks, allowing for a subsequent fusion of the gold with zero emissions.

Cortez Gold

Cortez Gold Corp. is a refining company which deals with mining concentrates situated in Matehaula, Mexico. The business of Cortez Gold is focused on the transformation plant in Altiplano, which offers advanced processing of materials from the numerous small and medium producers.

Cortez Gold Corp. is able to capitalize on its high added value services to set the basis for a long term business and reciprocally advantageous relations with the entrepreneurial community there.

As well as offering processing costs which are lower than those of competitors, the suppliers receive flexibility on payments, even though they have small batches of concentrate at disposal. This guarantees access to advanced treatment for all local producers, regardless of the size or scale of their operations.

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