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gold demand

Gold demand may be for industrial or investment purposes.

Demand for manufacturing can be defined as the transformation of gold into finished or partly finished products, for commercial or industrial uses. The jewellery sector, has always represented the most important sector out of total demand and while in the early 1980’s demand was concentrated ¾ in developed countries, now it is in developing countries. Production has passed from around 1,200 tonnes in the 70’s and early 80’s to 3,133 in 2014. China, India and Indonesia represent the countries that have the greatest potential for future development in consideration also of the fact that half of the world’s population lives there. Jewels are gradually losing their role of safe haven and are increasingly becoming a sign of prestige and social status, especially when talking about advertised brands and products. Although appeal of famous jewels, that are distinguished by a “griffe” continues to meet with success, the start of the new millennium has not been so favourable for jewellery production, highlighting a progressive decline to the current 2,213 tonnes circa produced (2,722 in 2005). There are many causes for this fall; amongst these we can certainly identify a change in traditions and habits of consumers especially in western countries, more attracted by other goods that have now become mass goods, such as mobile phones or other High Tech objects (palm pilots, Ipod, digital cameras, etc). The 2000’s furthermore were characterized by periods of economic slow down that have undermined the faith of consumers of goldsmithery / jewellery products influencing purchasing decisions and reducing the spending budget of families that purchase jewels. The approach of investors and savers to gold has given a different story however. After at least a year of decline, from 2001, a new bullish multi-annual trend began sustained in good part by investment and for protection from economic-financial and geopolitical risks. Demand for investment gold was expressed on several fronts or rather under the form of coins or bullion, or connected to instruments derived directly or indirectly from physical gold (ETF). Lastly, gold also has its own industrial usage: thanks to its resistance, corrosion and oxidization it is used in the dentist industry, with production concentrated mainly in Japan, Germany and England.

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