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Our Mission

For more than 30 years our mission has been to be the reference point for our clients within the supply chain of precious metals, offering excellence, quality, security, technology and reliability.

Our Vision

We want to continue to create value with products and services of a very high quality and reliability, with the aim of becoming one of the most important companies in the trade, recovery and refining of precious metals, strengthening our position and international competitiveness through integration and acquisition processes.

Human Resources Respect and Valorization
Environment Care and Protection
Social Sustainability in the development model
Innovation Technology and creativity
Quality Efficiency and reliability
Code of Conduct Ethics and Professionalism

Human Resources

We believe in the creation of a healthy and stimulating working environment. We try to improve the sense of belonging of our collaborators by offering them the possibility to grow at a personal level and by encouraging them to make good use of their talents.


We pursue a sustainable development model and therefore we consider the protection of the environment to be of fundamental importance. We do everything that is reasonable and efficient to reduce to a minimum the negative effects of our activity and we respect the laws and regulations on environmental protection. Our plants are state of the art and high tech, in order to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact to a minimum, with emissions close to zero.


We realize projects valorizing the structures, economic resources and local personnel, with the aim of concrete and lasting development of the countries where we are present. We follow a 360° ethical path in every phase of our operations.


We are a dynamic and innovative company that believes that the participation and contribution of everyone is of fundamental importance to reach great objectives in order to improve our services. We strive to constantly increase our competencies, refining methods and operational strategies with innovative and increasingly efficient approaches.


We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the world by offering the best conditions and professionalism to build lasting relations with mutual respect. We seek to offer an efficient service adopting avant-garde technology. Our aim is to create an increasingly direct relationship with our counterparts. In any type of relationship, whether with our clients, collaborators, or suppliers, we are committed to respecting the rules of loyalty, transparency and ethics. We consider quality to be a distinctive element that characterizes every level of the life cycle of products and services.

Code of Conduct
Italpreziosi’s business has always been inspired by the principles of ethical integrity and therefore the Company has decided to adopt a Code of Ethics that brings together these values and establishes the principles and the consequent behavioural rules that corporate bodies, management, workers, external collaborators and any individual that cooperates in any way with Italpreziosi are required to observe.

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