GOLD: USD/oz1,258.55 | EUR/gr38.35SILVER: USD/oz18.42 | EUR/gr0.5631


Italpreziosi provide a wide range of highly qualified and professional services, with particular attention to flexibility producing ad hoc products based on the needs of our Clients and Suppliers.

italpreziosi service list

  • analysis and sampling

    Italpreziosi owns an extremely professional and technologically advanced laboratory.

  • refining

    The refining plants of Italpreziosi return precious metals that have an extremely high purity, producing gold bars from mines, industrial scraps and recycled jewels, as well as precious metals in...

  • production

    Italpreziosi offers a wide range of products, created for the industrial, banking and investment sector.

  • logistics

    Italpreziosi provides its Clients and Suppliers with efficient, safe and fast transport solutions. We can organize transport from and to anywhere in the world, collecting and delivering material...

  • trading

    Thanks to the services offered, Italpreziosi’s clients have access to the international gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets benefitting from prices and news updated in real time,...

  • metal bank

    Italpreziosi is a reference point for the Italian and international gold hub. Italpreziosi is able to offer delivery of precious metals in any part of the world, in a fast, safe and reliable way...

  • gold in banks

    In 2012 Italpreziosi launched PGP, Physical Gold Platform, together with Directa SIM, a platform for trading investment gold within the banking channel. Indeed, Directa SIM has an agreement with...

  • receipt

    Italpreziosi offers services of purchasing, recovery and analysis to Miners, international Scrap Dealers, Banks and private investors.

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