GOLD: USD/oz1,258.55 | EUR/gr38.35SILVER: USD/oz18.42 | EUR/gr0.5631

analysis and sampling

Italpreziosi owns an extremely professional and technologically advanced laboratory.

A team of highly qualified professionals carries out a whole series of analyses to guarantee that Clients and Suppliers always experience precision, transparency and reliability, respecting environmental and ethical standards.

Our laboratory makes use of a whole range of analysis techniques:

- Cupellation – Proof by Fire

- Potentiometric Methods

- ICP Spectrometry

The proof methods are applied case by case and can include various techniques, applied individually or combined. We maintain fast and efficient communications with our clients and suppliers cooperating closely to guarantee transparency and mutual respect.

All Non Good Delivery Precious Metal shipments are first weighed and then smelted to guarantee the homogeneity and samples are subsequently extracted and analysis methods chosen. The laboratory analyses Gold, Silver, PGMs and other 30 elements. Every analysis produces a report that is given to the Client. For Good Delivery Precious Metal shipments or Italpreziosi branded products we proceed using other high tech techniques in order to analyze products without altering them.

Laboratorio Saggi Campionamento Metalli Preziosi Oro Argento Italpreziosi Analisi

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