GOLD: USD/oz1,258.55 | EUR/gr38.35SILVER: USD/oz18.42 | EUR/gr0.5631


Italpreziosi offers services of purchasing, recovery and analysis to Miners, international Scrap Dealers, Banks and private investors.

When the shipment arrives at our premises, Italpreziosi inspects the parcels and boxes received externally, the number of seals, the weight and the type of metal. From the material received propedeutic samples are taken in order to perform a preliminary analysis. The material is then weighed, smelted and numbered, in order to be able to trace the entire path of the metal within the production process, from when it entered the company to when it leaves. We guarantee our clients the best analytical techniques for any type of metal. All the data is registered in Italpreziosi’s ERP system to guarantee total control of each batch in our production system.

Affinazione Oro Argento Fusione Metalli Preziosi Anodi

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