GOLD: USD/oz1,258.55 | EUR/gr38.35SILVER: USD/oz18.42 | EUR/gr0.5631


Thanks to the services offered, Italpreziosi’s clients have access to the international gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets benefitting from prices and news updated in real time, competitive fixings for sales and purchases, and a wide range of accessory financial services.

Furthermore we provide a complete range of services linked to the physical business and we quote for spot and forward rates for gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the main currencies.

To optimize sales and purchases Italpreziosi has developed a financial platform for physical metal, Italplatform CIO, that it offers its Clients and Suppliers free of charge for the fixing of prices in real time or at the fixing and for input of limit orders. This allows prices to be sent in a transparent way and our counterparts to have full access to their order situation.

Furthermore, the platform is given free of charge to banks, allowing them to trade investment gold products directly within bank branches, with a transparent price in real time. Finally, due to our collaboration with Directa SIM, we provide an investment gold trading service to over 50 banks.

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